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This hypothesis argues that brand does not dominate price by its strong main effect, but rather enhances the price effect. Apart from lost revenues, legitimate producers also face losses of intangibles such as brand reputation and buyer goodwill. For example, Kenya and Zaire each lost two-thirds of their cash crops in one year after farmers unknowingly used counterfeit fertilizers. Ford Motor Company executives note that few if any counterfeit auto parts meet federal safety standards; on average, counterfeit parts hold up only from 5 to 25 percent as long as genuine parts. Auto industry officials also report numerous instances of counterfeiting. This book is the first to thoroughly examine and analyze the truly effective product development methodology that has made Toyota the most forward-thinking company in the automotive industry. We present a model-based framework to manage the overlapping of coupled product development activities. The objective of this research is to present a conceptual framework in order to clarify how customer orientation contributes to NPD project success – dependent on the degree of product innovativeness.

The model and framework identify conditions under which various types of overlapping are appropriate for a pair of coupled activities. An attitudinal study reveals that most consumers do not object to product placement in motion pictures and prefer it over alternative forms of on-the-screen promotional activities because it is considered to be unobtrusively integrated in the film. Those who object do so on ethical grounds. Who is the main beneficiary of all these work processes? Hughes, who grew up in suburban London, has always loved to spend time near the ocean. Product ReviewsWell, even if you haven’t, it’s about time you find out that all these flat packs exist. Online product reviews may be subject to self-selection biases that impact consumer purchase behavior, online ratings’ time series, and consumer surplus. Whereas recent research has demonstrated the impact of online product ratings and reviews on product sales, we still have a limited understanding of the individual’s decision to contribute these opinions. Readers of early product reviews may not successfully correct for these preference differences when interpreting ratings and making purchases. Our results also indicate important differences across individuals in how they respond to previously posted ratings, with less frequent posters exhibiting bandwagon behavior and more active customers revealing differentiation behavior.

In this study, we develop a model that examines how idiosyncratic preferences of early buyers can affect long-term consumer purchase behavior as well as the social welfare created by review systems. In such situations, the organization will need to redo job descriptions, rework its team, group, and communication structures and reporting relationships to ensure that the remaining workforce does the job well. All you need to do is get your own hair removal cream from stores. Is Revitol Hair Removal Cream a product that eliminates unwanted hair effectively or just another scam with false claims? Market orientation and, specifically, customer orientation, have been intensively investigated with respect to corporate and new product development (NPD) performance at the corporate level of analysis. Effectively managing the ‘upfront or fuzzy front-end’ (FFE) of the product development process is one of the most important, difficult challenges facing innovation managers. Using data from over 100 product innovation projects in German industrial corporations, we tested our research hypotheses using regression analysis. Recent advances in technology have made it very possible to take quality product photos using a smartphone.

Recent research on international trade focuses on firm‐product‐level heterogeneity and the role of uncertainty in shaping international trade. The results of this study provide evidence of the importance of international diversification for competitive advantage but also suggest the complexities of implementing it to achieve these advantages in product-diversified firms. Product diversification moderates the relationship between international diversification and performance. Theory suggests and results show that firm performance is initially positive but eventually levels off and becomes negative as international diversification increases. International diversification is also positively related to R&D intensity, but the interaction effects with product diversification are negative. International transaction costs are a part of the costs of trade. Over the last ten years, international product counterfeiting has affected an increasing number of industries. Intense competition in many industries forces manufacturing firms to develop new, higher quality products at an increasingly rapid pace. Buyers may lose confidence in entire industries because of counterfeiting, and national competitiveness may be hurt. When a product is counterfeited, buyers may unknowingly blame the legitimate producer for a shoddy or unsafe good.

Without careful management of the overlapped product development process, the development effort and cost may increase, and product quality may worsen. These actions may be classified into three categories: cooperative action, legal remedies, and strategic actions. The model presented here argues for three simple but useful results. In this research, we empirically model the individual’s decision to provide a product rating and investigate factors that influence this decision. Overlapping product development activities is an important component of concurrent product development that can help firms develop products faster. In The Toyota Product Development System: Integrating People, Process, and Technology, James Morgan and Jeffrey Liker compare and contrast the world-class product development process of Toyota with that of a U.S. The Commerce Department estimates that annual losses to counterfeiting in the U.S. Such statistics are, at best, rough estimates. Because counterfeiting affects industrial and high-tech products, the practice also threatens the well-being of the United States and other developed nations.