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Single thailandske ring. Thai Boxen - Take away - Danmarksgade, Aalborg

There are only three rounds in the Davy Back Fight, Chopper being lost in the first round, rejoining the crew after the second round, and Foxy's flag being taken after the third.

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In the anime however, all of the Straw Hats and most of Foxy's crew participated. However the defeat also had negative impact on Usopp who begins to question his strength in the crew. The crew continues their single thailandske ring three days later. Usopp also shows that he has knowledge of Davy Back Fights by wanting to sail as far away as possible from the island to avoid the crossfire.

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The head ref agrees that the face is safe, but Chopper is still out of bounds, disqualifying him. A cannon is spun to randomly determine the fighting area, and the goal is to knock the opposing captain out of the fighting area.

Robin counters this, saying that on page of the rule book, Rule 54 states that the top of the head is out, leaving Foxy as the last remaining member on the field. The anime did the arc differently than what was prescribed in the manga by Oda.

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In the meantime, the Going Merry and the rest of the crew are surrounded by an unnamed pirate crew, stating that their Captain wants to play the  Davy Back Fight with Luffy. Chopper throws his ball in Arm Point, but Hamburg manages to stop his teammates from going out of bounds, and hands both balls to Big Pan.

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Zoro and Sanji take on a team of 3 known as the Groggy Monsters. In the manga, Foxy's flag is taken.

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For the initial jump ball, Luffy and Chopper, in Jump Point form, snag the ball, and both manage to slam the ball into Foxy's face, single thailandske ring according to Rule 23, the face is safe. This arc, like the Loguetown arc, had many changes that greatly extended its duration.

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Donut Race Edit Chopper temporarily joins the Foxy pirates. As a result, Robin is taken from the crew. At first, it seems Hamburg is out, but one of the refs declare that the top of the head is safe. In the first round, Luffy loses because he doesn't know how to skate. As the round goes on, Nami, Usopp, and then Luffy gets hit by the beam, giving Girarin a three lap lead, with only Robin still free.

This does not succeed and Zoro cuts the ball in half with his hands, disqualifying him under Rulethe ball may not be cut, giving Foxy a new ball.

Story Arcs

In the anime, Luffy agreed to a second set of three rounds, for a total of six. However, the Groggy Monsters use weapons and the referee pretends he doesn't see them. Before the match, Usopp persuades Luffy that wearing a large afro wig will increase his strength.

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Though they were about to win, Zoro who had gotten lost kicks Hamburg right in front of Tonjit, who he then tags. Aokiji defeats Luffy easily. Though the Straw Hats manage to get in the lead, Foxy cheats and uses his Devil Fruit to slow them down enough for single thailandske ring team to pass them. After Luffy has beaten Foxy and taken their flag replacing it with one of his "drawings"it is revealed that he only fought for Tonjit and Shelly.

This event forbids the use of weapons, as it is a sport, though other kinds of cheating are allowed.

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